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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And The Winner Is . . . (And a New Contest!)

The winner of the December contest is Logan! He wins a free copy of The Court Wizard!

Thank you to everyone who signed my Guest Book and entered the contest. I apologize for announcing the winner a little late. Unfortunately I have been Horribly Sick.

So, to make up for it, I will be giving away another copy of The Court Wizard! If you "like" my J.R. Sparlin, Author Facebook page between now and February 29, 2016, you are entered in the contest. However, I don't want to leave out my faithful friends and fans who have already liked the page, so they are included as well. In other words, on February 29 I will look at the list of people who like the page, and randomly select a winner. The winner will receive his or her choice of a signed print copy OR a Kindle copy OR a Nook copy (unless the winner lives outside the contiguous 48 states, in which case it will be a Kindle or Nook copy). I will announce the winner on this blog and on my Facebook page during the first week of March, and if possible, message the winner on Facebook.

Congratulations again Logan!



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