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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Court Wizard, Still Available at Watermark Books

The Court Wizard will continue to be available at Watermark Books for at least another 90 days!

When the old apothecary’s shop blows up in mysterious circumstances, Winnifred brings him home to her aunt’s to take care of him. But when Galen wakes up, he tells her he must flee their country of Sedonia, and she must flee with him. Winnifred finds herself on a ship bound for Fortress-on-Sea, where they meet a handsome stranger, Beldon. Slowly, listening at doors and demanding answers, Winnifred learns the secret of her true destiny, and must decide whether to embrace it.

Winner of the Clare Vanderpool Work of Promise Scholarship, awarded by the Kansas chapter of the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators 

 "Overall, Winnifred's tale has all the hallmarks of a fun coming-of-age adventure story. She's refreshingly less a damsel in distress and more an emerging leader as she grows up. I'd recommend The Court Wizard to any pre-teen interested in medieval fantasy novels." -- Renaissance Magazine

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